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Are you a model with  photos that should look great but just pop or show you at your best? Or maybe you are a photographer who just doesn’t have the time to devote to post-processing. Take a look at my posted before-n-after images, and if you think your work could benefit from my assisstance, please drop me a message. As always, looking forward to working with you.Do something! Take Your Photography to the Next Level! Exclusive Retouch & Manipulation! Contact me today!

◄I’m interested in working with serious enquirers only►


• If you are not a photographer, and you happen to be a
model, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, etc. Then you probably
don’t own the copyright to the image. If you are not the
copyright holder, you must ask the owner if he or she is okay
with me altering his or her image(s) in any way or form before
I begin editing the image.

• You can send me the image(s) however you wish just as
long and its convenient for both of us.

• I will give you an estimate on the work, based on the
image quality and the services you request.

• I will send you a copy of the new image(s) for you to
access the progress. If you have any problems or details you
want me to fix/add then I will complete your request at my
highest capability.

*Every photoshop wizard has their own price for work. Please do not expect me to set my prices to that of another wizard. Prices are definitely negotiable though. Each wizard is unique, with their own style.

*Payment is expected first before I send any final edits of the image(s)

* I’d also appreciate that if you post your picture with my retouching/manipulation, that you credit me.

What I Need:
-High-Res Image File. I accept RAW, JPEGs, and TIFFs (large image files may be sent through sites like, etc.)

-Message detailing what needs to be done on photo(s), and how you would like the photos returned to you – color space and file type specified…etc.

-Deposit of 50% to start working on images
*All payments can be made through PayPal with a PayPal account or with any major credit card

Other Notes:
-Full payment must be made before I will send you the high res files.

-I will send watermarked proofs of each image throughout the process to ensure that the retouching is going the way you would like.

-Retouching of one image usually can be returned in the same day unless I am super busy. Bulk images could take a week or more depending on how many images there are. I will always get them back to you asap.

-If corrections are needed after I give you the proofs, then I will require 2 more days to fulfill that requirement and will send proofs within that time frame.

When contacting me to get a quote don’t forget to introduce yourself, add a brief description of your project and what would you like done, attach a compressed JPEG for each image describing what you would like retouched and, if needed, sample images with desired results.

*My works are all copyrighted. Don’t copy, edit, reproduce or published my works without my written permission!
All rights reserved.*

We are not magicians or wizard’s as MM may make you believe, we don’t wave a magic wand and presto your image is amazing. We take a well shot image with correct lighting and use of a good MUA, and enhance the qualities of the image….that’s what we do. Anyone that tells you that they can transform every image or series 100% of the time into masterpieces, is either lying, or high…or both. No two images are ever the same, therefore results will always vary. For the best image results, send us print standard high resolution 300dpi+ in RAW or TIFF Format. JPEG is a compressed image format, therefore the quality is not going to be the best. We cannot guarantee the quality of the post-edit if you send a lower quality image or if the image wasn’t shot correctly. We have a high standard when it comes to our edits, to ensure you get the highest quality, the original image has to be of a high quality to start with. Be sure to include detailed instructions for the editing, that way we are all on the same page and gets the job done quicker. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I DO NOT teach or give tutorials/seminars in Photoshop as I honestly don’t have the time or resources, however I will gladly point you in the right direction if you have a specific editing/retouching question.

This is my career, this is how I pay my bills, this is how I feed my family, this is how I keep the roof over their heads, therefore I don’t work for free as I wouldn’t expect you to either. I have thousands of images that I can use in my portfolio sitting on my hard drive that I honestly don’t need anymore = NO TF*, I have paid my dues.


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