Proof of age: Please bring 2 forms of ID that shows your Full name and Date of Birth. I will need to take a picture of it to keep on file. You must be at least 18 for me to shoot you. Will only shoot selected Minors.

Make up: I will attempt to find one prior to our shoot. I may ask you to help split the cost for a MUA. Playing middle man is hard, so if i find one for you, you will need to contact the MUA directly and arrange a time and place to meet.

Different look?: If you have a different look than what i have seen in your portfolio let me know. Hair shorter or different color? Tattoos? Piercing’s?

Details in your profile are correct: If your details are not up to date then let me know. Example; age, weight, measurements, etc.

Nails: If you have chipped nails, fix them or remove polish… PLEASE!

Bring jewelry, accessories, hats, props, and anything else that you would love to shoot with! This could be your dog, cat, snake, car, bike, bong, picture, booze, smokes, WHATEVER! I want to see it all!!

Outfits: This does not apply if we have decided on a particular wardrobe for you or we are having a Stylist. I want you to bring a ridiculous amount of clothes. Bras/strapless bras, tons of shoes and boots, sexy undies/lingerie, bathing suits, dresses, all your crazy, hot, costumey, ugly, awesome clothes.

I usually shoot up to 2-3 outfits, more if it is an all day shoot. I can be picky sometimes so bring 5 or 6 outfits that we can choose from. I usually don’t shoot more than 2-3 hours with exception of an all day shoot, however don’t plan anything after the shoot. Sometimes we may shoot longer than expected and I don’t like being rushed during a shoot. Travel light, don’t bring a suitcase to the beach. Use a duffle bag to carry your stuff. Dragging a suit case at the beach isn’t fun and very hard since you can’t use rollers. At other locations a suitcase maybe ok.

Some outfit suggestions to bring as well:

• 2 piece bikini. 1 piece swimsuits(if you bring one-piece has to be sexy).

• Button up shirts or light sweater. Or something that is open in the front.

• Denim shorts.

• Booty shorts.

• Calvin Klein underwear/camisole.
• Mid drift tops.
• Short dresses.

• Wraps.

• Sheer tops/dresses

At other locations besides the beach, you can bring:

• Leather jacket

• Boots/heels

• Victoria’s Secret/lingerie.

• etc.

Spray on tans: Do not use spray on tans. Use a tanning salon instead. I can work with pale skin a lot easier than blotches from spray on tan. If your skin is blotchy, i won’t shoot you. Don’t waste my time or yours.

Your Phone number and email: If I didn’t get your phone number, please make sure i get it. My number is 916-968-3850. I confirm several times before our shoot usually by text message or call. I will call on the day of the shoot to confirm meetup location and time. I use email as a backup for messaging and for sending you images.

PLEASE keep your phone charged. Yes I have models phone die on the day of our shoot and I can’t get hold of them. Needless to say, each model’s phone that has died, I end up going home as they were arriving to the shoot.

If you don’t hear from me the day before the shoot, please call or message me for confirmation. Some days i get over 40 emails scheduling with models. Through back and forth messaging, i may forget to add you to my calendar


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