Following The Shoot: Important steps that matter

How long will I have to wait for my images:

you will get a pdf of your unedited images to choose from, at this time you will get a preview of all images. Once you choose your images the retouch process begins and getting back your images varies greatly. On a standard basis there is a minimum 2 week delay that can go up to 4 weeks.

Image processing info:

1) Images will be resized and stamped with “ADphotography” logo for web. You will get printed and web sized images. These images will be send via yousendit (a online ftp server).

2) You need to choose your favourites. Prior to the shoot we should have agreed on the number of images you can select. Additional images above this number can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

You will be notified when all photos have been sent.

How to use your photos:

Any personal use is ok. This means your printed portfolio, business or comp cards, or your website. It is also ok to use images on websites such as OneModelPlace, ModelMayhem, Facebook & MySpace.

Where you can’t use the photos:

Basically any commercial use of the images is not allowed without additional approval by the photogapher. This excludes your own personal businesses, but includes uses such as sponsors advertising, giving images for free to magazines etc.

Can I add my artwork to the images:

Yes, you can add your own artwork to advertise your website and / or business to the images. However artwork (eg company logo etc) advertising any other business / website may not be added without prior agreement from me.

Do I need to give you credit for the images:

Yes give credit / links when my images are used.

I want to submit some of the images to the magazines – can I:

Yes, Please do! It is important to understand that you need to advise me of such a situation as I need to discuss with the publishers according to the release of the rights of usage.

Can I use the images in web-based competitions:

Yes, as long as they give a credit to me and to not add their own artwork to the images then you are perfectly welcome and encouraged to use the images in this way.

Who owns the photos:

The photographer. Unless there is a written agreement on a price and you buy copyright of selected or all images from the photographer, then copyright remains that of the photographer and creator of the photographs.

Will you use any of our images on your website:

I always use at least one photo from each shoot on my website. It does sometimes take me a little while to get the images online, but it will go up. Only the very best of my images make it to the portfolio section of my website.


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